November 24th 2018, the Swiss Church, Covent Garden

Join us for an evening of stunning singing, accompanied by theorbo, harpsichord and recorder. The forthcoming concert for Saint Cecilia's day, Cecilia Sings, will continue the theme of bird mythology that was initiated in the first three concerts, melded with ideas about Saint Cecilia. Text and artwork by students from Marylebone Girls' School will illustrate newly commissioned works on the theme of female power, passion and spirit by Janet Oates (with new text by Euan Tait), Sheena Phillips, Dominic McGonigal and Joel Jårventausta. Further repertoire includes expressive songs by Francesca Caccini and Barbara Strozzi, virtuosic duets by Mazzocchi, and beautiful madrigals by Maddalena Casulana.

About Philomel

Philomel is a stunning vocal ensemble performing music from 400 years ago alongside new commissions.

Comprising six sopranos, Philomel gives performances of great beauty and expressiveness, in atmospheric venues that thrill audiences across London.

Philomel champions female composers through the centuries, bringing to light lesser-known composers of the late Renaissance and promoting contemporary women composers, performing virtuosic, powerful repertoire with and without accompaniment.

What our audience says

'I was transported for the whole evening...'

'What a magical opening...'

'...we so enjoyed the evening - the meal and the area as well as the stunning soprano performances. ...What a talented group Philomel is and how well Janet leads them in performing slightly esoteric works that undoubtedly should be performed more frequently.'
Ian Morris, chair of the Bromsgrove International young musician competition

'Thank you so much for the unforgettable privilege of allowing my words to be a part of a truly outstanding concert - a team of great singers, beautiful music (and what a joy for me to have the poem set by Dominic, what a build up of emotional and musical power in the superb performances, and in music new to me - and what a revelation in Barbara Strozzi's great voice, and your powerful composition has inspired new poems), and a unique venue - the great space and the thunder of the trains creating a unique combination of intimacy yet the great life of a great city around us. A feeling of great happiness and great excitement on a great occasion. Thank you so, so much.'
Euan Tait, librettist

'It really was a magical evening, from the first note (and tweet) of the Hildegaard von Bingen to the final call of the nightingale. My friends in the audience really enjoyed it. Many were spell-bound.'
Dominic McGonical, composer

'It was SUCH a wonderful concert. What a brilliant idea to commission those works for those forces in that space! I found the contemporary pieces in particular worked fantastically although everything sounded wonderful.'
Lucy Green, audience member

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