Cecila Sings

The concert was accompanied by video and image projections on the wall and main screen. Thanks to Jon Crews for creating the videos and operating the equipment (with the help of Chloe Lam).

During the historical songs, images of Saint Cecilia, contemporary to the music, were shown. Here is a list of images:

1.Lasciatemi Solo - F. Caccini: Guido Reni (Italian, 1575-1642) Date:1606
2.Cinta di fior - Maddalena Casulana: Simon Vouet ca. 1626
3.Piangete, occhi - Domenico Mazzocchi: Saint Cecilia and an Angel, c. 1617/1618 and c. 1621/1627 by Orazio Gentileschi and Giovanni Lanfranco
4.Lilie Faire - Sheena Phillips (world premiere): Mary the Virgin, from an early 15th century rood panel in the church of St. Mary the Virgin, North Eltham.
5.In Sweet Dream - S.Phillips (world premiere) The Tree of Life: a 17th Century British tapestry
6.Ahi possanza d'Amor - Maddalena Casulana: Michiel Coxie, 1499 - 1592) (Flemish)
7.Troppo ben puo - Luzzasco Luzzaschi: Saint Cecilia, Sebastiano (1680 - 1764)
8.Begli occhi - Barbara Strozzi: A page of Strozzi's original MS
9.Io d'odorate fronde - M.Casulana: Picture presumed to be of Casulana, unknown painter
10.Folle Cor - D. Mazzocchi Saint Cecilia with an angel holding a musical score: Dominico Zampieri, c, 1620
11.Giusta Negariva - B. Strozzi: St. Cecilia playing a lute, c. 1612, Artemisia Gentileschi
12.During Birdcries, four images by Caitlin Rowly were shown (with permission). Simply titled 'Four black and white pieces', these evocative pen and ink images were first created for volume 2 of my project 'Closet Music: imagined soundworlds', whereby composers and artists produced works intended to be seen and read but not performed aloud.

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